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Snacks Packaging Machine

Welcome to our product page. In the following, we will introduce to you our snacks packaging machine. It is commonly used to pack all kinds of puffed food, shrimp crackers, candy, peanut, cornflakes, rice and other solid materials. There are two models available, the ordinary type (SX-388) and the big type (SX-388X). The suitable packing film thickness is 0.04-0.07mm and their packing widths are respectively 120-320mm and 180-400mm.
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Technical parameters of snacks packaging machine

Parameters / Model SX-388, ordinary type SX-388X, big type
Packing width 120-320mm 180-400mm
Packing film thickness 0.04-0.07mm 0.04-0.07mm
Packing diameter ∮300mm ∮320mm
Packing speed 35-100bag/min 35-80bag/min
Bag size L(50-200)×W(50-150)mm L(60-280)×W(60-190)mm
Filling range 50-500ml l50-750ml
Total power/voltage 2.5KW 220V/50HZ 2.5KW 220V/50HZ
Outside dimensions 1100×680×1950mm 1100×800×2150mm
Gross weight 300kg 450kg

SAIXIN Machinery Company is a professional snacks packaging machine manufacturer in China. We have engaged ourselves in the production and sales of food processing equipment for more than 10 years. During our development, we often communicate with the international well-know enterprises for technical exchange and introduce advanced technology. So we can always improve our product according to the feedback information of our customers. So our double screw food extruder, single screw food extruder and packaging equipment are well received by customers from all over the world, including the United States, Russia, Spain, Canada and Italy, etc. We welcome you to use our snacks packaging machine and other food processing equipment.

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