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Extruded Fried Snacks, Fried Pellets Processing Line

Extruded Fried Snacks, Fried Pellets Processing Line

The extruded fry snacks processing line is our special line for making oil fry starch based snacks. Our line offers a user-friendly design, high automation, and stable performance. The fry pellets processing line is designed based on modern technology and manufactures delicious, tasty snacks. Our line offers energy savings and efficiency thanks to advanced frequency and speed control technology.

The raw materials are first processed in the single screw extruder of the extruded fry snacks processing line. This procedure is called curing but not puffing. The products are then dried at a low temperature to reduce the moisture inside the products. Finally, the products are fried in hot oil. The after-frying products are sprayed with seasoning powder in the drum roller flavoring line. The main raw materials for the extruded fry snacks processing line are potato starch, corn starch, tapioca starch, and cassava starch.

The starch materials have a finer structure than common grain material like corn flour. This gives the starch based fry snacks a unique smooth taste that differs from corn flour non-fry puff snacks. The fry pellets snack foods produced by our extruded fry snacks processing line are especially popular in the markets of Asian countries. More and more people in other countries are enjoying them as leisure snacks.

By changing the different shapes of extruder dies, the fry pellets processing line can offer fry snacks in shapes of spiral, shell, round pipes, square tubes, wheel, fish, etc. This extruded fry snacks processing line process procedure includes raw material mixing, extrusion, cutting, cooling, drying, frying and flavoring.

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The extruded fry snacks processing line includes the machines listed below:
1. Raw material mixer
2. Screw conveyor
3. Single screw extruder
4. Pulling cutter
5. Cooling machine
6. Hot air dryer
7. Fryer
8. Single roller flavoring line

Technical Specifications of the Extruded Fry Snacks, Fry Pellets Processing Line
Parameters/Mode SX3000-100 Single Screw Extruder Processing Line
Input Voltage 380V/ 50Hz
Installed Capacity 96kw
Power Consumption 70kw
Output 80-120kg/h
Length 26m

SAIXIN is a professional extruded fried snacks, fried pellets processing line manufacturer and supplier based in China. We provide corn flakes, breakfast cereals processing line, fish feed, aquatic feed processing line, biscuit processing line, and much more.

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