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Dryer, Fryer, Flavoring Line

1. SAIXIN dryer, fryer, flavoring line features of compact design and easy operation.
2. Our dryer, fryer, flavoring line adopts double pitch roller chain driving and cyclical drying. Its running is balanced and will be never stuck.
3. The drying temperature and time can be adjusted. The effect of drying is satisfying.
4. Thanks to the high efficiency fuel saving system and reasonable heat distribution, the material can be heated equally and low energy will be consumed.

Technical Parameter

Model / Parameters Electric(oil) Consumption Heating Temperature Capacity Dimension
Three Layer Oven SXD 27.5kw/ h ~220℃ 120-180kg/ h 5.0×1.25×1.75m
Five Layer Oven SXD 35.7kw/ h ~220℃ 150-300kg/ h 5.2×1.25×2.1m
Five Layer Oven SXD 50.0kw/ h ~220℃ 200-400kg/ h 5.2×1.25×2.1m
Three Layer Oven SXR 7L/ h ~220℃ 150-250kg/ h 5.6×1.5×2.2m
Hot Air Inflating Machine SXRP-Ⅱ 30kw/ h ~350℃ 200-300kg/ h 5.3×2.0×2.1m
  • Automatic Fryer
  • Continuous Fryer
  • Automatic Flavoring Line
  • Eight-square Seasoner
  • Polisher

  • Continues Automatic
  • Automatic Flavoring Line
Model / Parameters YZ-Ⅱ LYZ-Ⅱ ZST-200
Input Voltage 380V/ 50Hz 380V/ 50Hz 380V/ 50Hz
Output 150-250kg/h 150-200kg/h 150-200kg/h
Heating Power 5.0/38kw 27.5kw 4.6kw
Dimension 4.55×1.98×2.9m 4.0×0.8×1.5m 3.8×0.9×2.2m
  • BF-I Mixer
  • BF-II Mixer
  • BF-III Mixer
  • JX-I & Core Filler
  • JX-Ⅱ & Core Filler
  • DGZ-I
  • DGZ-II Multi-function Shaper
  • Bugles shaper
Model / Parameters Core filler Core filler DGZ-I DGZ-Ⅱ
Input Voltage 380V/ 50Hz 380V/ 50Hz 380V/ 50Hz 380V/ 50Hz
Output 0 - 1.2m3/h 0 - 1.5m3/h 200 - 300kg/h 200 - 300kg/h
Driving Power 0.75/0.55kw 1.1/0.75kw 1.5kw 2.2kw
Dimension 0.9×0.6×1.65m 1.2×0.65×1.75m 1.2×0.6×1.35m 1.2×0.6×1.35m
  • Sugar Sprayer
  • Sugar Sprayer
  • Conditioner
  • Dough Maker
  • Dough Maker
  • Material Distributor
  • Material Distributor
  • Cutting Machine
  • Cutting Machine
  • Tablet Machine
  • Angle Cutting Machine
  • Big Tablet Machine
  • Sugar Melting Machine
  • Sugar Melting Machine
  • Corn Processing Machine
  • Corn Grinder
  • Hoister
  • Air Conveyor
  • Screw Conveyor
  • Storing Tank

Technical Parameter

Parameters/ Model ss-I ss-IA ss-Ⅱ YP-I YP-Ⅱ
Input Voltage 380V/ 50Hz 380V/ 50Hz 380V/ 50Hz 380V/ 50Hz 380V/ 50Hz
Output 150 - 200kg/h 180 - 220kg/h 150 - 200kg/h 120 - 150kg/h 150 - 200kg/h
Total Power 1.5kw 1.5kw 1.5kw 3.0kw 7.5kw
Dimension 2×0.6×1.1m 2.5×0.7×1.35m 2×0.6×1.1m 1.1×0.9×1.35m 1.5×1.6×1.95m

As a professional dryer, fryer, flavoring line manufacture in China, SAIXIN also manufactures double screw food extruder, biscuit process machine and various other types of food processing machinery. Our frequent technical exchange with other food processing equipment manufactures enables us to keep technologies latest. This ensures our product quality. Meanwhile, we also make constant efforts to improve our existing food processing lines according to customers' feedbacks.
Through our staff' efforts, SAIXIN dryer, fryer and flavoring line, and other related machinery are widely sold to Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa, etc. If you are in need of these products, please contact us.

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