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Pet Food Processing Line

Pet Food Processing Line

Our pet food processing line features accurate parameter control and simple operation to produce pet foods at pre-set temperature, humidity, pressure, and time. The line can be used to make dog food, cat food, bird food, etc. So, it is sometimes called a pet dog food machine, cat food machine, etc. In addition, this pet food processing line can also be used to make fish feed.

This pet food processing line was developed based on our years of research experience with pet food machines and to improve the pet food market request. It produces many different shapes of pet chewing food. The line can produce chips, stick, bones, and twist shapes, etc. The pet food produced by this pet food processing line provides protein, fat, vitamin, and other nutrition for dogs. It can help strengthen teeth, clean the mouth and teeth, improve enteric function, and lessen any bad pet smell. This line meets the needs of the modern pet food market.

The entire pet food processing line is reasonably designed and can be installed and conveniently adjusted. Thanks to quality materials and high stability, this line avoids the need for frequent repair. The capacity for the pet food processing line is from 120KG/H to 1000KG/H. The line procedure includes raw material mixing, extrusion, drying, oil spraying and polishing.

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The pet food processing line includes the following machines:
1. Raw material mixer
2. Screw conveyor
3. Twin screw extruder
4. Air conveyor
5. Oven
6. Oil spraying and polishing line

Technical Specifications of the Pet Food Processing Line
Parameters/Model DZ65-II Twin Screw Extruder Line
Input Voltage 380V/50Hz
Installed Capacity 80kw
Power Consumption 55kw
Output 180kg/h
Length 16m

SAIXIN is a professional pet food processing line manufacturer based in China. Food security is always a hot topic and to conform to this trend, we devote ourselves to supplying high quality animal feed processing machinery to our customers. With the help of the strict management by our administrative staff, we can develop superior products to satisfy the customers' requirement. Our corn flakes, breakfast cereals processing line, extruded baked snacks processing line, twin screw extruder, single screw extruder, etc. are currently exported to the United States, Korea, Canada and Kazakhstan, to name a few.

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