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Granular Packaging Machine

Welcome to our product page. Here we will introduce you our granular packaging machine, including SXKB-20, SXKB-40 and SXKB-80. Their outside dimensions are respectively 900×700×1700mm, 900×700×1700mm and 1000×800×1800mm, and the packing speed ranges from 35 to 100 bags per minute.

Main features
Our granular packaging machine can carry out all the process, such as bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and codes heat-printing automatically. It can realize stepless adjusting for the length of bags.

Technical Parameter

Parameters/ Model SXKB-20 SXKB-40 SXKB-80
Input Voltage Bag size L(30-80)× W(25-70)mm L(55-110)× W(30-80)mm L(80-150)× W(70-105)mm
Packing speed 50-100bag/min 50-100bag/min 35-75bag/min
Filling range 2-20ml 5-40ml 30-80ml
Outside dimensions 900×700×1700mm 900×700×1700mm 1000×800×1800mm
Gross weight 300kg 300kg 350kg

SAIXIN Machinery Company is a principal granular packaging machine manufacturer in China. We also manufacture corn processing equipment, protein food processing line, and so on, in addition to food packaging equipment. For customer convenience, we also provide equipment installation, operator training, and technical support services. If you have any need of our products, please contact us. We are sure that we can supply the food processing equipment you are looking for.

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