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Dog Chews Processing Line

Dog Chews Processing Line

The dog chews processing line is our new product developed after many years of researching the dog chews machine. Many different shapes of dog chews, including bone, stick, twist and double color, various color chewing gums with core filling can be produced by the dog chews processing line. The dog chewing gum produced by our dog chews processing line provides rich protein, fat, vitamin, etc. for dogs. In addition, it aids in giving dogs strong teeth, reduces the bad odor of dog mouth, and cleans dog mouth and teeth. It helps improve the intestinal function of the dog and can reduce the smell of dog excrement.

The dog chews processing line procedure includes raw material mixing, extrusion, drying, oil spraying, and polishing. The dog chews are extruded from our single screw extruder or co-single screw extruders of our dog chews processing line. Reasonably designed, the dog chews processing line can be installed and is convenient to adjust.

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The dog chews processing line includes the machines listed below:
1. Raw material mixer
2. Screw conveyor
3. Single screw extruder
4. Cooling conveyor
5. Cutter
6. Belt elevator
7. Oven

Technical Specifications of the Dog Chews Processing Line
Parameters/Model SX3000-100 Single Screw Extruder Line
Input Voltage 380V/50Hz
Installed Capacity 55kw
Power Consumption 45kw
Output 80-120kg/h
Length 16m

SAIXIN is a specialized dog chews processing line manufacturer based in China. Our company also provides macaroni processing line, fish feed, aquatic feed processing line, instant noodle processing line, twin screw testing extruder, and much more.

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