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Instant Noodle Packaging Machine

This page is constructed to introduce you our instant noodle packaging machine. There are two available models in total, SX-450 and SX-59. Their dimensions are respectively 5000×965×1750mm and 5000×965×1105mm. Their packing speeds are respectively 50-180bag/min and 50-150bag/min.

Our instant noodle packaging machine is not only suitable for instant noodle packaging, but also suitable for pillow packing of biscuits, bread, egg roll, ice cream, soaps, tissues, hardware, box and tray, etc.

Technical parameter of instant noodle packaging machine

Parameters / Model SX-450 SX-590
Bag length 450mm 590mm
Bag length 90-400mm 90-400mm
Bag width 10-150mm 30-200mm
Product height 5-40mm 15-60mm
Packing speed 50-180bag/min 50-150bag/min
Total power/voltage 3.66KW 220V 50HZ 3.66KW 220V 50HZ
Outside dimensions 5000×965×1750mm 5000×965×1105mm
Gross weight 1000kg 1200kg

SAIXIN Machinery Company is a professional instant noodle packaging machine manufacturer in China. Our company is founded in 1995. We have gathered a lot of talented people, including seasoned administrative staff, professional technicians and well trained production staff. With the joint effort of our staff, we can produce high quality instant noodle packaging machine. At present, our biscuit processing line, corn process equipment and other food processing machinery have been exported to Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa, etc.

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