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  • Corn Flakes, Breakfast Cereals Processing Line With our more than 20 years of experience in development, we manufacture our corn flakes, breakfast cereals processing line based on international advanced extrusion technology. We use corn flour and other grain flour as the raw materials for this line.
  • Extruded Baked Snacks, Direct Expanded Snacks Processing Line The extruded baked snacks processing line, also called the direct expanded snacks processing line, puff snacks processing line is our most popular line of our puff snacks making machines. Consisting of a feeding system, extrusion system, cutting system, heating system, transporting system ...
  • Extruded Fried Snacks, Fried Pellets Processing Line The extruded fry snacks processing line is our special line for making oil fry starch based snacks. Our line offers a user-friendly design, high automation, and stable performance. The fry pellets processing line is designed based on modern technology and manufactures delicious, tasty snacks.
  • Bugles, Tortilla Chips, Doritos, 3D Pellets Processing Line According to the requirement of the international market, our bugles, tortilla chips (Doritos) processing line is researched and developed. The production flow of the 3D pellets processing line includes mixing, extrusion, pulling, shaping, roasting, and seasoning.
  • Kurkure, Cheetos, Nik Naks Processing Line Kurkure, Cheetos, and Nik Naks are special extruded snacks that are very crunchy and taste great and are produced in our Kurkure, Cheetos, Nik Naks processing line by a special extrusion process. In the Kurkure, Cheetos, Nik Naks processing line, corn grits is moisturized in the flour mixer with water ...
  • Fish Feed, Aquatic Feed Processing Line The fish feed, aquatic feed processing line offers simple operation and accurate parameter control. This line can produce fish feed at a pre-set temperature, humidity, pressure, and time. Our aquatic feed processing line does not need frequent repair thanks to a reasonable design, high stability ...
  • Pet Food Processing Line Our pet food processing line features accurate parameter control and simple operation to produce pet foods at pre-set temperature, humidity, pressure, and time. The line can be used to make dog food, cat food, bird food, etc. So, it is sometimes called a pet dog food machine, cat food machine, etc.
  • Dog Chews Processing Line The dog chews processing line is our new product developed after many years of researching the dog chews machine. Many different shapes of dog chews, including bone, stick, twist and double color, various color chewing gums with core filling can be produced by the dog chews processing line.
  • Macaroni Processing LineThis macaroni processing line is manufactured based on international advanced technologies. It is characterized by high automation, good stability, easy operation, large output and high efficiency, etc. What's more, it uses improved technology which...
  • Nutritious Rice Processing Line Using advanced extrusion technology and special extruder dies, our nutritious rice processing line makes good shape and quality remade rice. The process procedure of the nutritious rice processing line includes raw material mixing, extrusion, drying, oil spraying and polishing.
  • Fried Pasta Processing LineThis fried pasta processing line adopts wheat flower as raw material to produce different shapes of food by extrusion technology and different moulds. After frying and seasoning, the pasta become into tasty fried wheaten food which has different shapes.
  • Nutritious Instant Rice Cereal Processing Line Our nutritious instant rice cereal processing line is a new generation line that is highly efficient. The line is designed based on the latest production technologies. The nutritious instant rice cereal processing line offers many features including easy operation, high automation, good stability, large output, etc.
  • Bread Crumb Processing Line The bread crumb processing line is an automatic line that includes raw material mixing, extrusion, cutting and smashing procedures. The bread crumb is an essential material for some fried food. The bread crumb processing line wraps and spreads the material on the surface of the food, like fried beefsteak ..
  • Pregelatinized Starch, Modified Starch Processing Line Our specially designed pregelatinized starch processing line is also called a modified starch extruder. For the purpose of widening the extrusion and inflating functions, the barrel and screws structure of the pregelatinized starch processing line are properly adjusted.
  • Soybean Protein Food Processing LineThis protein food processing line adopts low-temperature soybean powder as main material to produce new foods which looks like meat and has the sense of mastication. This kind of food has high nutrition and can be widely applied in many industries like ham, cam, fast-food and instant-cool food industry, etc.
  • Sunchips, Multigrain Chips Processing Line The raw materials for our Sunchips, multigrain chips processing line can be corn flour, rice flour, wheat flour, oat flour or almost all kinds of grain materials. This line bakes the chips using our advanced hot air puffing machine to make them as crispy as fried type chips.
  • Twin Screw Extruder Our twin screw extruder is a commonly used type of extrusion food processing equipment. It is typically composed of a feeding system, extrusion system, cutting system, heating system, and controlling system. It features high automation and stable performance and can process various materials.
  • Single Screw Extruder Designed based on advanced screw extrusion technology, it uses low temperature to make materials ripe and shape them at the same time. The single screw extruder offers a frequency and speed control system and a complete set of automatic control system to ensure a good stability of process.
  • Twin Screw Testing Extruder Our twin screw testing extruder is the first mini type multifunction twin screw extruder in China and adopts a patent design. It uses screws of ф32mm. In order to carry out different productions, the twin screw testing extruder can use many combinations of the screws and machine barrels ...
  • Instant Noodle Processing LineThe investment of this instant noodle processing line is only one tenth of that of large sizes food processing equipment. It is especially suitable for small scaled and private enterprises. The corrugated instant noodle produced by this instant noodle production line is stretchy and smooth.
  • Biscuit Processing Line DXB225 automatic biscuit processing line is originally designed by SAIXIN staff based on acquired Japanese technology, and features compact structure and high automation. All working process, from feeding, extrusion, shaping, drying to roast, can be accomplished at one time.
  • Corn Flour, Corn Grits Processing Line The corn flour, corn grits processing line features high automation, low consumption, high automation, and convenient operation. The output is 300-500kg/h and the yield is 80-85%. The corn flour, corn grits processing line can produce five kinds ...
  • Dryer, Fryer, Flavoring Line1. SAIXIN dryer, fryer, flavoring line features of compact design and easy operation.
    2. Our dryer, fryer, flavoring line adopts double pitch roller chain driving and cyclical drying. Its running is balanced and will be never stuck...
  • Packaging MachineryMultihead weigher packaging line consists of main packing machine, multi-head weigher, Z-shaped conveyor (with vibrating feeder), operating platform, finished products conveyor, and thermal printer ...

SAIXIN is China food processing equipment manufacturer. We are specialized in manufacture and supply of screw food extruder, biscuit processing line, corn process equipment, protein food processing line, etc. As the product quality is relevant to the safety of food we process, we have been committed to producing high quality food processing machinery with reasonable price. To achieve this, we keep exchanges with international eminent enterprises and continuously introduce advanced technique and process from them. Also we hire professional technical staff, to ensure the product quality. Meanwhile, we reduce the production cost through controlling all sectors of production. Thus, our double screw food extruder and single screw food extruder have established stable marketing channel with Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, etc. If you are interested in our products, please contact us. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!