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  • Double Screw Food ExtruderLarge size double screw extruder is produced according to international standard. Its key parts are imported. Its control system adopts computer program of high automation. It can carry out the best parameter enactment according to different recipe, water pressure and temperature.
  • Single Screw Food ExtruderThis single screw food extruder consists of feeding system, extrusion system, cutting system, heating system, transporting system and cooling system. It is designed based on advanced screw extrusion technology. It uses low temperature to make materials ripe and shaping at one time
  • Double Screw Testing Food Extruder1. This double screw testing food extruder adopts a patent design. It is the first mini-type multifunction twin screw extruder in China.
    2. It uses the screws of ф32mm. It can use many combinations of the screws and machine barrels ...
  • Cereal Corn Flakes Processing LineThis cereal corn flakes processing line is developed and manufactured on the basis of the international advanced extruder technology. Its technology performance and quality can reach international advanced level.
  • Core Filled Snack Food Processing Line Thank you for your visit. This is our product page. Here, we want to introduce to you our core filled snack food processing line, which can be used to produce snake food and rice crust food.
    Our DS56-III dual screw food processing line has a length of 24m, an input voltage of 380V/ 50Hz ...
  • Modified Starch Extruder (Pregelatinization Starch Extruder)The modified starch products made by this modified starch extruder can be used in many fields like spinning, food, paper making, building material, casting, oil drilling and other industries. The extruders will definitely play a more important role in pregelatinization starch production field.
  • Screw, Shell, Crispy Pea Food Processing LineThis screw, shell, crispy pea food processing line is characterized by user-friendly design, stable performance and high automation. Advanced frequency and speed control technology makes this puffed food processing line energy saving and efficient.
  • Pet Food Processing LineWith simple operation and accurate parameter control, this pet food processing line can produce pet foods at pre-set temperature, pressure, humidity and time. Thanks to reasonable design, superior materials, the high stability, this pet food processing line doesn't need to be repaired frequently.
  • Nutrition Rice Flour Processing LineThis nutrition rice flour processing line is a new generation and high efficiency line. Designed based on latest production technologies, it has many characteristics, such as high automation, good stability, easy operation, large output and high efficiency, etc. What's more, it uses the improved technology ...
  • Corn Process EquipmentOur corn process equipment degerminate and peel the corn by dry methods. The threshing performance can reach 90%. It is used to produce corn granule, corn grits, maize germ, maize flakes, etc. It can process further refined corn powder and the crushing fineness can reach 100 mesh...
  • Assorted Ice Cream Processing LineSAIXIN assorted ice cream processing line can be used to produce a variety types of ice cream only by replacing its feeding head. It can produce ice cream cup, ice sucker, chocolate-coated ice cream, kernel ice cream and ice sucker.
  • Beer MachineryThe operation controlled by computer is very simple.
    This beer machinery features less investment, smaller floor area (2-5m²), less operator (only 1 operator is enough), more energy-saving (5-7kw, 380v)
  • Packaging MachineryPackaging machinery is a general term of machines used to package various commodities, foods and so on. Packaged goods are provided with a protection and aesthetical appearance. Package machinery can be used in streamlined production lines, and can also be used independently ...