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Fried Pasta Processing Line

Fried Pasta Processing Line

This fried pasta processing line adopts wheat flower as raw material to produce different shapes of food by extrusion technology and different moulds. After frying and seasoning, the pasta become into tasty fried wheaten food which has different shapes.
Hence, if you need a food processing line for making pizza, crispy shell, crispy whelk, crispy cat-ear like snack and crispy pea, etc. please try this fried pasta processing line.

The fried foods are crispy and delicious. You have no need of dryer while using this fried food processing line. The technology is simple and the investment is little. We are sure that this fried pasta processing line is the best choice for the medium-sized enterprises.

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Technical Parameter

Parameters / Model DS56-Ⅲ
Input Voltage 380V/ 50Hz
Installed Capacity 35kw
Power Consumption 22kw
Output 120-150kg/h
Dimension 2.5×0.8×1.8m

As professional fried pasta processing line manufacturer in China, SAIXIN dedicates itself to the development and production of single screw food extruder, biscuit processing line and a lot of other food processing machines. Through frequent technical exchanges with international well known food equipment manufacturers, we are able to use latest production technologies during equipment design and manufacturing. Thus, the product quality is guaranteed.
If you are interested in our fried pasta processing line or related products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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