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Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer in China

SAIXIN specializes in providing high quality food processing equipment to customers all over the world from our factory in China. We primarily manufacture and sell screw food extruder, biscuit processing line, and corn process equipment. Our food processing machinery can be used in to produce puffed food, cereal corn flakes, pet food, fish feed, instant noodles, biscuits, soybean protein and artificial rice, and also the further processing of corn.

  • Pet Food Processing Line
  • Pet Food Processing Line Our pet food processing line features accurate parameter control and simple operation to produce ...
  • Dog Chews Processing Line
  • Dog Chews Processing Line The dog chews processing line is our new product developed after many years of researching the dog chews ...
Welcome to Jinan Saixin Machinery CO., LTD.

We at SAIXIN have been manufacturing food processing machinery for 20 years, so we understand that the quality of our food processing machine is vital to the ultimate quality of the foods they are used to produce. This is why we implement strict quality control throughout the production of our equipment. All raw materials from suppliers are tested before entering our warehouse, which eradicates inferior quality issues immediately. We also employ experienced managers, talented engineers as well as competent technicians. Under the joint efforts of our staff members, the quality of our food extruder, biscuit processing line and other related food processing equipment have assured quality.

We also give priority to technical advancement and improvement. Through technical information exchanges with internationally renowned food processing line manufacturers and sharing the latest information on double screw food extruder and corn process equipment manufacturing, we have established a complete technical support system. As a result, we design our food extruder, instant noodle processing line and related products based on Italian and Japanese technologies. To further enhance our products, we also make improvements to our existing food processing equipment according to customer feedback. These steps help to ensure the reliability and quality of all SAIXIN machines.

As a result of our focus on the quality of double screw food extruder, single screw food extruder, and other products, the product passing rate is greatly increased and the repair and reject rate is reduced. Thus, our production cost is effectively reduced. Additionally, our standardized management enables us to efficiently distribute enterprise resources, which also reduces labor and management costs. These factors contribute to the economical prices of our food machinery.

We provide complete customer support. If you do not find the product you are seeking here, we can design screw extruder, cereal corn flakes processing line and related food processing equipment according to specific requests. Our expert engineers can travel on-site for equipment installation, commissioning and operator training. Products come with a 2 year warranty, and spare parts are also available at reasonable prices. We can also provide OEM service upon request. Our quality and service has won us customers in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

If you have a need for food processing machinery, please contact us. We are confident that we can provide the product you are looking for.